Associate Professor


Petter Wabakken

Phone: +47 97044518

Fax: +47 62430851


Mailing address:

Hedmark University College

Faculty of Forestry and Wildlife Management

Campus Evenstad

NO-2480 Koppang



Research interests:


Population Structure & Dynamics, Molecular Ecology, Behavioural Ecology, Multiple Predator Communities,

Large Carnivore-Human Interactions & Management, Wolf Social Behaviour, Brown Bears, Eagle Owls, Baleen Whales.    




Large-Carnivore Ecology and Management

Supervision of Bachelor and Master Students


Selected publications (from 28 peer reviewed printed):

May, R., Djik, J. van, Wabakken, P., Swenson, J. E., Linnell, J. D. C., Zimmermann, B., Odden, J., Pedersen, H. C., Andersen, R. & Landa, A. 2008. Habitat differentiation within the large carnivore community of Norway’s multiple-use landscapes. Journal of Applied Ecology (in print)

Sand, H., Wabakken, P., Zimmermann, B., Johansson, Ö., Pedersen, H., C. & Liberg, O. 2008. Summer kill rates and predation pattern in a wolf-moose system: can we rely on winter estimates? Oecologia 156: 53-64. 

Wabakken, P., Sand, H., Kojola, I., Zimmermann, B., Liberg, O., Pedersen, H. C. & Arnemo, J. 2007. Multi-stage, record dispersal by a GPS-collared wolf in Fennoscandia. Journal of Wildlife Management 71 (6): 1631-1634.

Zimmermann, B., Wabakken, P., Sand, H., Pedersen, H., C. & Liberg, O. 2007. Wolf movement patterns: a key to estimation of kill rate? Journal of Wildlife Management 71 (4): 1177-1182.

Sand, H., Wikenros, C., Wabakken, P. & Liberg, O. 2006. Cross-continental differences in patterns of predation: Will naïve moose in Scandinavian ever learn? Proceedings of the Royal Society London B 273: 1-7.

Liberg, O., Andrén, H., Pedersen, H-C., Sand, H., Sejberg, D., Wabakken, P., Åkesson, M. & Bensch, S. 2005. Severe inbreeding depression in a wild wolf (Canis lupus) population. Biology letters, London 1: 17-20.

Wabakken, P., Sand, H., Liberg, O. & Bjärvall, A. 2001. The Recovery, Distribution and Population Dynamics of Wolves on the Scandinavian Peninsula, 1978-1998. Canadian Journal of Zoology 79: 710-725.

Zimmermann, B., Wabakken, P. & Dötterer, M. 2001. Human-carnivore interactions in Norway: How does the re-appearance of large carnivores affect people’s attitude and fear? Forest, Snow and Landscape Res. 76, 1/2: 137-153.

Swenson, J.E., Sandegren, F., Söderberg, A., Bjärvall, A., Franzen, R. & Wabakken, P. 1997. Infanticide caused by hunting of male bears. Nature 386:  450-451.

Swenson, J.E., Wabakken, P., Sandegren, F., Bjärvall, A., Franzén, R. & Söderberg, A. 1995.

     The near extinction and recovery of brown bears in Scandinavia in relation to the bear

     management policies of Norway and Sweden. Wildlife Biology 1: 11-25.


Petter Wabakken conducts several large-carnivore research projects, and involvement and participation by local people is an important part of these projects.

He was the former Norwegian project leader and initiator to the Scandinavian Brown Bear Research Project, and he is currently the Norwegian member of the IUCN Wolf Specialist Group.  

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