International winter experiences

Photo: Slavomir Anjello Janda

Mona and Lasse, two Norwegian students at Campus Evenstad, arranged a camping trip for the international students at Evenstad. The trip seemed to be a success, and here they tell all about it.


Barbequing at the camp fire. Photo: Bernardo Toledo Gonzales

Both Norwegian and international students have to some extent experience with outdoor life. Still, the Norwegian winter and cabin culture is a deep mystery for many foreigners. This January a couple of students organised a social winter trip to a cabin in Rena. Both international and some Norwegian students participated, and all necessary equipment was provided beforehand. Key words for this trip were socialising, low-threshold participation, fun winter activities and having “koselig” around the camp fire (to describe the word “koselig” will take too much time here, ask a Norwegian).


Downhill skiing with cheerleaders. Photo: Christina Marie Stølhaug

The group arrived at the cabin after a short walk on snowshoes and skis early in the day. Not long after our arrival we were sitting around a nice camp fire enjoying hotdogs and homemade bread on sticks (“pinnebrød”) roasted over the fire. Later, some enjoyed the cold and quiet (and occasionally rewarding) activity of ice fishing, while the rest strapped on their skis and dived into the snow. Ranging from newbies to advanced skiers, before the day ended everyone had been going uphill, downhill and straight forward, lying on the ground with skis in the air, and some even with four-legged companions pulling them forward at high speed.

Luckily, we had not counted on ice fishing for providing dinner, but instead had a huge reindeer casserole and mashed potatoes, eagerly enjoyed by the camp fire. As the night approached and the cold really set in, we went inside the cabin for games and to make beddings. The bravest (or the show-offs) brought their sleeping bags outside to sleep under the starry sky (while imagining a distant fox saying “gding-ding-ding-ding-ding”).  The next day, after a morning of relaxing with a fresh camp-fire-brewed coffee, we headed home. But not before we had enjoyed an hour of fun with skis and sleds down a nearby hill – which of course included a few more spectacular falls to add to our photo albums.



Relaxed ice fishing. Photo: Lasse Eriksen




Text: Mona Saursaunet and Lasse Eriksen 

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