Nine nationalities compete in Evenstadløpet

Last Saturday (15/11) a lot of people got themselves prepared for the Thanksgiving Party (Høsttakkefest) at Campus Evenstad. However, twenty sportive students and employees got up early that day to deserve the evening party drinks by running the famous Evenstadløpet.


Evenstadløpet 2 - Start_Foto_Marieke

Photo: Marieke Gonlag-Schrijvers

Evenstad’s Applied Mosjonists were hosting a 5.5 and 10 kilometer run, with start and finish at campus . The routes consisted of forest roads, paved roads and trails through the beautiful forest around campus. The first Evenstadløpet was organised in October; 18 runners competed in this 5 kilometer run and nobody was able to prevent Mister Evenstadløpet Jesse Gaudet from winning. Jesse had an advantage: he himself had set out the route. This didn’t help him so much during the second run. Just several hundred meters before the finish, Martin Mayer smiled at Jesse while easily accelerating towards the finish line. Congratulations Martin! Also congratulations to Jon Meiholt, who ran like hell the first kilometers of the race and – although he managed to take a wrong turn and therefore had to run quite a longer distance – finished before everybody else and won the 5.5 kilometer run. Many participants took it more easy and just set out to fulfill this beautiful run through the forest. Some took their dog – and their time – to reach the finish at the teepees at campus, where we enjoyed tea, coffee, beer and chips around the fire. Participating is more important than winning!

Campus Evenstad is truly an international campus. During this second edition of Evenstadløpet the twenty competitors were representing nine different countries. This time Germany and Norway won the race, while the USA was the first to reach the finish line in October. Approximately fifteen percent of all participants were Norwegians and in total ten nationalities have run Evenstadløpet already. This number is very likely to increase the next run, which is organised on Saturday the 13th of December. Running distances: 5.5, 10 and – probably – 15 km. All students, employees, and other folks are more than welcome to join!

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