In November and December, Bioforum will be dedicated to the topic of genetically modified feed and food. This is a controversial topic that we as representatives of our industry often are challenged to voice an opinion on. We hope that these two seminars will highlight the issue from different perspectives, and increase the participants knowledge of GMOs.

Bioforum Wednesday 10. December at 11:30 GMO - part 2 with Dr. Audrun Utskarpen, senior adviser at the Norwegian Biotechnology Advisory Board (Bioteknologirådet).

Audrun Utskarpen will talk about the board's role as an advisor to the government on social and ethical consequences of modern biotechnology. She will discuss the latest research on the safety of consumption of genetically modified food and also discuss the consequences of Norway's restrictive legislation in a global marketplace. Audrun holds a PhD in molecular medicine/biology from the University of Oslo, and has been a member of Bioteknologirådet since 2009.

Refreshments will be served after the seminars.


Where: Biohus, Campus Hamar